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=====[ Please Patch your Security ]====

Hello dear admin, IT, and Developer of this website, We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

I’m just here penetrate your website to let you know that I’ve recently
discovered a security bug here. We encourage you to Please improve the
protection of your website against cyberattacks.

Why is the website easily hacked?

The sentence “no system is safe” is true,
because as long as there are gaps or weaknesses in the website,
Hackers can access your website and then exploit your website or the information it contains.

then you need to know about things that can make a website vulnerable to hacking.

Reasons websites are easy to hack:-
- Using free Plugins and Themes.
- Selection of Inappropriate Username and Password
- No Antivirus on the Computer
- Infrequent System Updates on the Website
- Choosing the wrong hosting for the Website
- Don’t Care About Website Security

There are so many hacking activities that may happen on the website,
some of the reasons above can be the cause.
But, hopefully with some of the tips given above can be used for you so that your website is not easily hacked.

“Dont Blame Me,Blame your Security”

(for safety reasons ur password has been changed)

Best regards
- Jaring -