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5CI has been helping clients achieve shorter closure timelines and lower costs in the global marketplace. We’ve closed contracts in over 40 countries throughout the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Oceania delivering benefits such as:

  • Rapid access to key decision makers, resulting in shorter business development timelines.
  • Expedited validation of product offerings based on customer feedback.
  • Customer acceptance based on 5CI’s introduction.
  • Significant cost savings based on shorter closure cycles and lower overhead expenses associated with local partners and representatives.

Although the sensitive nature of our work prevents us from providing all the details of our success, here are 5CI’s clients who have made the most of our expertise.

5CI GlobalCom

As a joint venture between 5CI and Metric Systems Corporation, 5CI GlobalCom designs, develops and implements requirements-based wireless communication systems for commercial, defense and industrial infrastructures across a wide range of environments.

Offering clients a high degree of flexibility, the GlobalCom team can integrate a company’s existing components with new ones to create a fully customized solution that solves even the toughest communication challenge efficiently and economically.

Firmly believing that key technologies assist in building stronger communities, 5CI GlobalCom is proud to provide the specialized expertise and global reach needed to conceptualize, finance and successfully implement best-in-class wireless networking across the globe.

To learn more, please visit 5CI GlobalCom


A responsive, flexible and easy-to-work with company that understands what customers require, DigitalGlobe delivers accurate, high-resolution satellite images better than any other provider in the industry.

They use the most advanced commercial satellite constellation and aerial network – capable of collecting over 700 million km2 of quality imagery per year.

Clients can use DigitalGlobe’s constellation and products to build their own archive of images. Then access it quickly and easily however and wherever they need it – online and offline on a desktop, web application or mobile device.

To learn more, please visit DigitalGlobe

European Space Imaging (EUSI)

EUSI is a leading supplier of high-resolution satellite imagery to customers in Europe and North Africa. It’s the only European satellite data provider that operates its own high-resolution satellite ground station for direct satellite tasking and local data downlink.

The company maintains long-term, direct relations with the major European and international institutions working in disaster management, national and regional security, environmental monitoring and mapping.

To learn more, please visit EUSI


KPGeo is a global company that provides its customers the highest quality geospatial services.  KPGeo specializes in:

  • Planimetric and Topographic Mapping
  • LIDAR Processing
  • 3D Model Generation
  • True Ortho/Ortho Production
  • Aerial and Satellite Imagery Processing
  • Digital Elevation Models
  • 2D and 3D Data Extraction

KPGeo combines the best of both worlds: American perfectionism, work organization and innovative technology with high-quality, low-cost Polish production performed by highly educated and trained professionals eager to solve the most daunting geospatial challenges.

KPGeo has a staff of 38 geospatial professionals with offices in Krakow, Poland and Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

To learn more, please visit KPGeo

MDA Corporation

In an increasingly information-driven society, MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. (MDA) participates in every phase of the information life cycle with the objective of providing innovative electronic solutions for complex customer requirements.

They deliver a broad spectrum of solutions – including complex operational systems, tailored information services and electronic information products.

These solutions can be used to capture and process vast amounts of data, produce essential information and improve the decision making and operational performance of businesses and government organizations worldwide.

To learn more, please visit MDA Corporation

Skybox Imaging

Skybox Imaging is revolutionizing the use of satellite imagery and derived information products to improve the profitability of companies operating in the global economy.

They’re currently developing the world’s highest performance constellation of imaging micro-satellites to deliver high-resolution imagery of any spot on earth multiple times per day.

As they prepare to launch their first satellite, SkySat-1, Skybox’s team of leading Internet and aerospace professionals, is proud to play a leading role in significantly expanding the use of satellite imagery for commercial customers and governments alike.

To learn more, please visit Skybox Imaging

Space Imaging Brazil

Located in Rio de Janeiro and delivering geospatial products and services all across South America, Space Imaging Brazil specializes in providing high-resolution satellite imagery.

The company was a Master Distributor of IKONOS, the world’s first sub-meter resolution commercial imaging satellite and, as a partner of GeoEye, markets and distributes GeoEye-1 satellite imagery.

To learn more, please visit Space Imaging Brazil

Space Imaging Middle East (SIME)

The leading geospatial and GIS solutions provider in the Middle East / North Africa region, Space Imaging Middle East (SIME) offers a full spectrum of products and services ranging from imagery collection and processing to highly customized and sophisticated GIS database and software solutions.

SIME offers clients a single channel through which to access advanced high-resolution satellite imagery products and services combined with local, direct access service for rapid collection and tailored GIS solutions.

To learn more, please visit SIME

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Our clients achieve project success and closure with shorter timelines and significant cost savings

Damavand Power Plant in Iran – Collected by DigitalGlobe