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Meeting today’s unique cross-border challenges

5CI maintains close-working partnerships with national organizations in Europe, the Middle East and Asia which focus heavily on the space industry.

Thanks to the regional expertise these partners provide, 5CI is able to recommend the correct products and services to negotiate through any challenges you might encounter in these regions.

Centre for Remote Imaging, Sensing and Processing (CRISP)

A satellite ground station located in Singapore, CRISP is one of the first multi-mission ground stations built around the open system concept, enabling a high level of flexibility to continually accommodate future satellite missions.

Their goal is to develop an advanced capability in remote sensing to meet the scientific, operational and business requirements of Singapore and the ASEAN region.

CRISP currently receives and processes data from the following satellites:

  • SPOT
  • TERRA and AQUA
  • ERS
  • GEOEYE 1

To learn more, please visit CRISP


As Germany’s national research center for aeronautics and space, DLR does extensive research and development work for the aeronautics, space, transportation, energy, defense and security industries. This work is integrated into national and international cooperative ventures and includes:

  • Exploration of the Earth and the solar system.
  • Research aimed at protecting the environment.
  • Development of environmentally friendly technologies to promote mobility, communication and security.

To learn more, please visit DLR

UAE Space Reconnaissance Center (SRC)

Designed and built in support of the United Arab Emirates Armed Forces mission to maintain security of the nation and peace in the region, the UAE Space Reconnaissance Center (UAESRC) offers the technology and experience to turn data into actionable information.

UAESRC operates systems that assist in the Early Warning, Monitoring and Security missions of the Armed Forces for this region. Their Universal Ground Station has the ability to task satellite systems and produce products, which after being analyzed, can be disseminated as information.

To learn more, please visit SRC

Our close partnerships with National Organizations can help ensure regional success

Gaining a clearer picture of the world

From classic imagery intelligence applications like surveillance and reconnaissance to everyday use such as location-based services, remote sensing data has become a critical asset in solving some of the world’s most unrelenting and daily challenges.

5CI has an extensive network of global contacts and key partnerships that enables us to consistently succeed in connecting industry providers with remote sensing consumers.

OHB System AG

A mid-size German systems provider belonging to the European space and technology group, OHB System AG develops low-orbiting, geostationary small satellites for navigation, communications, scientific research and earth observation.

Its manned space flight activities include the participation in the assembly and outfitting of the International Space Station ISS, the Columbus research laboratory and the ATV automatic transfer vehicle.

To learn more, please visit OHB

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5CI is skilled at connecting industry providers with remote sensing consumers

Chinese aircraft carrier Shi Lang (Varyag)
sailing in the Yellow Sea – Collected by DigitalGlobe

Understanding the data that technology provides

The ability to transform remote sensing data into actionable intelligence can define an organization’s success. This often requires powerful Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tools as well as industry expertise.

5CI partners with several geospatial solutions providers to offer a wide variety of GIS capabilities and services to meet your specific needs.

  • Image Processing Services – 5CI’s partners have the geospatial expertise and capabilities to take a client’s remote sensing data and ensure that the proper amount of post-processing, value-added work has been completed to ensure the final product meets the mission and/or project expectations.
  • GIS Software & Hardware – 5CI offers a range of GIS software solutions to assist the most skilled imagery and geospatial analysts. From imagery exploitation software to end-to-end ground station solutions, 5CI has the capabilities to meet almost any GIS challenge.
  • GIS Services – 5CI provides a variety of GIS services such as project management, solution development, consultancy services and training.

European Space Imaging (EUSI)

EUSI is a leading supplier of high-resolution satellite imagery to customers in Europe and North Africa. It’s the only European satellite data provider that operates its own high-resolution satellite ground station for direct satellite tasking and local data downlink.

The company maintains long-term, direct relations with the major European and international institutions working in disaster management, national and regional security, environmental monitoring and mapping.

To learn more, please visit EUSI


KPGeo is a global company that provides its customers the highest quality geospatial services.  KPGeo specializes in:

  • Planimetric and Topographic Mapping
  • LIDAR Processing
  • 3D Model Generation
  • True Ortho/Ortho Production
  • Aerial and Satellite Imagery Processing
  • Digital Elevation Models
  • 2D and 3D Data Extraction

KPGeo combines the best of both worlds: American perfectionism, work organization and innovative technology with high-quality, low-cost Polish production performed by highly educated and trained professionals eager to solve the most daunting geospatial challenges.

KPGeo has a staff of 38 geospatial professionals with offices in Krakow, Poland and Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

To learn more, please visit KPGeo


Through offices located in Thailand and Malaysia, MappointAsia provides map-based products and services that support vehicle tracking systems and location-based services in the ASEAN region.

MappointAsia in Thailand has its own technology for fleet management and map-based services. It offers a complete line of map creation equipment and software, digital metric aerial cameras, GIS and public safety software in Thailand and route scheduling with Roadnet Technologies.

MappointAsia in Malaysia provides mapping and photogrammetry services, navigable map data and complete PND solution, satellite imagery and vehicle tracking system.

To learn more, please visit MappointAsia

Space Imaging Brazil

Located in Rio de Janeiro but delivering geospatial products and services all across South America, Space Imaging Brazil specializes in providing high-resolution satellite imagery.

The company was a Master Distributor of IKONOS, the world’s first sub-meter resolution commercial imaging satellite and, as a partner of GeoEye, markets and distributes GeoEye-1 satellite imagery.

To learn more, please visit Space Imaging Brazil

Japan Space Imaging

Japan Space Imaging (JSI) is a leading provider of satellite imagery and geospatial solutions for government and commercial customers. It specializes in delivering satellite imagery via GeoEye-1, the world’s highest resolution commercial earth-imaging satellite and COSMO Sky-Med, the Italian radar satellite system with constellation of 4 satellites with 1m resolution.

To learn more, please visit Japan Space Imaging

We drive results by transforming data into actionable intelligence

Pre and Post imagery of a suspected Iranian
Missile Testing Facility – Collected by DigitalGlobe

Advice and solutions for unique challenges

For countries, regions or industrial sectors with specific requirements, 5CI offers the advice and services of specialized consulting partners.

Emirates Space Imaging Consultancy

Catering exclusively to the United Arab Emirate’s unique geospatial requirements, Emirates Space Imaging (ESI) is a full-service geospatial solutions provider based in Abu Dhabi.

Through strategic partnership with Space Imaging Middle East, ESI aims to provide local services and support in response to the recent expansion of the geospatial industry in the Emirates. Geospatial products and services include:

  • Imagery collection.
  • Image processing services.
  • GIS consultation services.
  • Customized solutions for the government and large private establishments.

ESI also has a training facility that offers custom programs in GIS and remote sensing training.

To learn more, please visit Emirates Space Imaging Consultancy


Always striving to develop products and services that perfectly match the needs of clients and exceed the expectations of users, GAF AG delivers custom products and solutions that are often unique and unrivalled in quality.

The GAF service philosophy is based on these basic principles:

  • Listen carefully to clients and the market.
  • Integrate innovative technology, services, products and solutions.
  • Provide optimal project management capacity.
  • Think ahead to future policies and user demand.
  • Develop and implement sustainable solutions.

To learn more, please visit GAF AG

The Jones Consulting Group

Advisory, business development and strategic planning services. The Jones Consulting Group provides all three to remote sensing, geospatial and aerospace companies as well as government organizations.

It also assists start-ups and small- and mid-sized companies in obtaining financing or achieving early market adoption to extend their business in commercial and government markets.

The Group is run by Dennis Jones – a respected leader when it comes to introducing, adopting and successfully using new remote sensing and geospatial technologies in the global marketplace. He’s served as a trusted advisor to chief executives in government and business and is a former senior executive at GeoEye, Space Imaging and The Aerospace Corporation.

5CI has specialized consulting partners to meet any business opportunity

Furthering innovation through exploration and understanding

Research and development (R&D) are key elements to the success of any technological advancement. 5CI recognizes the importance of supporting R&D work in order to open up new markets and introduce new capabilities.


SpacePharma specializes in the challenging field of exomedicine. Combining the space and pharmaceutical industries, SpacePharma is focused on the study and exploration of medical solutions in the zero gravity environment of space to promote the benefits to human health on Earth.

To learn more, please visit SpacePharma

We embrace the role of research and development in technological advancement