Five Continents International
Connecting Innovation with the Global Marketplace

A process with proven results

Achieving favorable results in the complex and ever-changing dynamic where government and business intersect requires a unique combination of knowledge, skills and expertise.

With our broad base of experience, knowledge and connections, 5CI is able to open the lines of communication with key political, business and economic leaders to not only master international complexities, but efficiently drive our clients’ projects to closure.

In-depth project analysis

First, we get to know the product and assess the company’s ability to market internationally. Then, if a prospective client chooses to use 5CI for a full sales support effort, we:

  • Analyze the marketing materials and make recommendations and modifications based on the region.
  • Provide pricing recommendations to ensure price/value alignment and maximum margin capture.
  • Review the contractual materials and make appropriate modifications and recommendations.
  • Research all government regulations and license requirements.
  • Engage the 5CI global network to ensure our members understand and are able to communicate the benefits of the product.
  • Generate a sales pipeline based on our understanding of regional and key client requirements.
  • Lunch an aggressive campaign to promote the product and ensure personal follow-up after meetings.
  • Assist with all levels of negotiation and project closure.
  • Continue to assist with post-closure action items to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.

Opening lines of communication with key political, business and economic leaders