Five Continents International
Connecting Innovation with the Global Marketplace

Build on your success with an
experienced global network

Extensive relationships with key decision makers and regional experts make 5CI uniquely qualified to connect leading edge technologies and services with government and commercial enterprises across the globe.

We’re strategic, tactical and effective.

Founded in 2006 and selectively staffed with professionals who have decades of experience, 5CI can provide the expert advice and hands-on assistance needed with legal, political and regulatory matters, so that clients can readily seize regional opportunities.

5CI can take on as large or small a role as needed.

It can be as simple as an introduction to decision makers or as comprehensive as handling all business development, marketing and contract needs.

Our expertise falls into three major categories:

  • Advisory – Introducing a new product or service globally can be extremely challenging. 5CI’s guidance helps clients navigate the ever-changing international landscape.
  • Agent – With a global network of professionals, we can deliver success in the most challenging regions of the world.
  • International Sales Force – With an established, experienced and knowledgeable sales force, we can provide global access quickly at a significantly reduced cost and deliver positive results.

5CI’s legal, political and regulatory expertise helps clients seize regional opportunities

The Burj Khalifa in Dubai, UAE – Collected by DigitalGlobe