Five Continents International
Connecting Innovation with the Global Marketplace

Strategic advice and assistance
that span the entire sales cycle

5CI identifies potential overseas markets and assesses their viability by thoroughly examining all the factors that might affect a client’s successful entry and operation in a particular area.

We empower and encourage our clients to assess the following phases of the sales cycle, review their project objectives and focus 5CI efforts where assistance is needed:

  • Solution Analysis – Reviewing your product or service offering.
  • Qualification – Identifying markets and customers with the highest probability of success.
  • Solution Refinement – Providing requirements-based product feedback.
  • Presentation – Making the appropriate introductions (including key decision makers).
  • Proposal – Defining and refining sales terms.
  • Negotiations – Establishing mutually agreeable sales terms.
  • Closure – Successfully executing the contract.
  • Delivery – Handling the logistics related to the delivery of the solution.
  • Evaluation – Coordinating post-deployment activities and feedback.

Clients can leverage our resources to match any project objective

Pre and Post Tsunami Imagery of the Fukishima
Nuclear Reactor in Japan – Collected by DigitalGlobe